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Uday Kiran family photos

Uday Kiran family photos include his father Murthy garu, Nirmala and his sister Sridevi and her husband Prasanna. The family photos also include his nephew Teja and niece mahati. In future, Uday Kiran family photos will get completely fulfilled when he marries and starts his own family with his children’s base. The actor has plans to marry in the year 2012 and is interested in marrying only after his movie career, gets into a hit track. However actor Uday Kiran seems to be in no hurry of marriage and claims that he is now a happy man leading a bachelor’s life. Actor Uday Kiran has a album of his family photos from his childhood, during the marriage of his elder sister sridevi, Uday Kiran insisted on having a 300 copies filled album , in order to relish it as a memorabilia, in his future years.

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