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Trisha Bathroom Video is on demand

South Indian petite beauty Trisha Krishnan is said to be the basking on her debut film “Khatta Meetha” success these days. Frankly speaking, the movie is a nonsense movie with a stupid storyline, which will impress only the audiences, who love to sit at homes and watch the movies on small screen.

It is already a fact that, KM is a dull dud at the bollywood box office and producer Akshay Kumar is worried as no new distributor is daring to turn up, for the movie at his door step.

Now, coming to the main news, Trisha’s bathroom video, which is an original video clipping, of her having her bath without clothes is in great demand these days. North Indian crowds, who were ignorant about Trisha’s bathroom video are said to be turning crazy about it and are thronging to internet cafes and video parlors, to catch hold of the original.

It can be noted that Trisha Krishnan admitted that the video clipping is an original one, shot during her stay at a five star hotel for a Telugu movie shoot.

So, guys enjoy the video go to page : Trisha Bathroom Video bit download

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