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Tarun family photos

Tarun family photos were much in demand when the actor was seen in some sensational hits like Nuvvu leka Nenu Lenu, Nuvve Nuvve, and his début film Nuvve Kavali. Many of them were interested to see the parents of tarun, when his films got super hit tag at the box office and when tarun was labeled as a bankable star with a hit record. Tarun family photos consist of his mother Roja Ramani and his father and director chakrapani. The actor has a little sister, but she is kept away from the media ion order to keep her life free from all sorts of media controversies. Actor tarun family photos also feature his brother in law, who is the husband of his younger sister and they live in a foreign country. When tarun gets married, a new family member adds into his family, which happens to be his wife. Presently, tarun is still a bachelor and so tarun family photos will not include his wife’s photos. Tarun family photos are available on our website and can also be downloaded onto the personnel computers and also onto mobile phones.

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