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Tarun calls his Ex- Aarthi Daily

For different reasons, the pair opted for a split and Aarthi soon married a software professional from USA named Ujwal few months ago. 

Now, the lady is back in Hyderabad and is said to be seeking divorce with her husband which is yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, reliable sources report that she is in contact with actor tarun as a friend even now and daily she is in touch with the lover boy. 

Sources report that actor Tarun calls Aarthi Agarwal daily and speaks to her for about 20 minutes. The conversation is said to be not a kinky one, but is said to be a formal one. It is reported that Tarun’s sister wants her brother to rekindle his friendship with the actress and so has united them a few months ago. For this reason, Aarthi flew back to Hyderabad in a hunt for some acting offers and to stay in touch with her Ex- boyfriend.

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