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Tamanna goes berserk in America

Tammu’s only Telugu film
shooting has been postponed to June and so, milky white beauty Tamannah
is busy holidaying in United States of America. It is reported that
Tamannah is on a shopping spree in New Jersey shopping malls and is
picking up anything and everything, which comes in her way.  

The actress was not fond of
shopping, until, her American holiday. But now, she has turned into
a shopoholic and is visiting every small business establishment of
clothes and accessories. Moreover, Tamannah Bhatia is also on an eating
spree, as she is a free bird in America, as she has no celebrity status
over there and is binging on Indian food, available over there. Her
parents have reported that that, she has gone berserk in America  

There is news that Tamannah
has put on 4 pounds of weight, in a few days time, which is alarming
for her career.

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