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Survivor heroes vs. villains cast update

Survivor season 20 which is also named as Heroes Vs Villains is yet to get an official announcement about its star cast. The season is said to be a interpretation of Good vs. bad and can have some great challenges in it.

It is already a fact that Survivor season one winner Richard Hatch will not be a part of the coming season as he is in a jail for evading tax and so the probation of him for this new series cannot be obtained. Well there is news that the million dollars final amount show will be filmed in Samoa in order to reduce the costs.

There is news that Natalie white won the ‘Survivor’ and wins $1 million as prize money. The out of work saleswoman from a Pharmaceutical company is a winner of the CBS reality television show and is a resident of van Buren, Arkanas.

Natalie white overtook Russell Hantz and passed on the show with some incredible wits and won the 1 million dollar amount.

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