Name: Shruthi

Original birth name: Priyadarshini


Also known as: Kannada actress Shruthi


Date of Birth: September 9th, 1972


Age: 37


Place of Birth: Karnataka, India


Trade mark: her naturalistic acting


Category: actress


Height: 5 feet 4 inches


Weight: 54 kilos


Parents: born in Kannada speaking family


Siblings: yes


Married/ relationship: married actor Mahender and also divorced


Children: undisclosed


Got popular: with her movie titled as SHRUTHI


Debut film: Kannada movie “ Aasegobba Meesegobba”


Top Movies: Shruthi, Taayi Illadu tavaru, Veerappa Naayaka, Gowri ganesha, Bombat Hendthi, Muddina Maava, Midida Hrudayagalu


Awards- won Karnataka state film award.


Education: attended college in Karnataka


Hobbies: watching movies, watching cricket, listening to music


Favorites: says that she is loving to do social service

Short Bio


Actress Shruthi aka Priyadarshini struggled hard to survive in the highly competitive world of actresses. The actress started her career in side roles and then started as a heroine in a big way, with the movie ‘Shruthi’. It was then that director Dwarakish, who carved SHRUTHI, renamed Priyadarshini as Shruthi. This was in the year 1990 and the film ran for almost 175 days, which was a big deal for a small budget movie.


Actress Shruthi was seen in films such as Shruthi, Taayi illadu tavaru, veerappa Naayka, Gowri Ganesha and Bombat hendith and earned her an award for the last film project.


Kannada actress Shruthi was also seen in the Malayalam movies like Oraal Maathara and Kottaram veetil appoottan. Till date, Kannada actress Shruthi has acted in almost 120 Kannada language movies and many such movies in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

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