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Shriya discloses her beauty tips

From the year 2007, Shriya has
into a glam doll and this has increased her brand value in the Indian
cinema industry. 

Disclosing her beauty tips
to Telugu news daily, Shriya wants her fans to follow the same in order
to stay fit and charming. Shriya saran consumes vegetarian and non
food immensely. But at the same time, she sweats out a lot in the gym
and also follows a fruit juice diet once a week. 

Shriya discloses that she
her body, once a day, in a week and only binges on a liquid diet of
fresh fruit juices. She practices certain yoga poses and also takes
up swimming. Shriya Saran discloses that Swimming is the best regime,
in order to keep the body fit and also have a toned body. The actress
weighs 46 kilos and works hard to maintain it intact. She also practices
beach jogging, for about half an hour every alternate day.  

So, for all you girls out
who are craving for a svelte celebrity figure, follow Shriya’s regime
and gets the best.

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