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Shanker imagines Robotic Reproduction

Till now the film audiences who are World wide have witnessed films of robots and their positive and negative deeds. But, one can never imagine a robot producing its off spring which looks a bit unbelievable act act. 

But the thinking wizard Shanker has churned out the unbelievable and has made a happy note out of it. Recently, some scenes relating to the story were canned in Vellore institute of technology and one such scene was poised to be seen as a Robotic reproduction for which Rajinikanth plays a scientist part surveying the whole process.  

According to sources, the whole till date scenes were showed to the producer and the producer Kalanithi Maran was said to be happy with the outcome. But while watching the scenes, director shanker was dissatisfied by some sequences and has decided to re-shoot them again.

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