Name: Savitri

Original birth name: Savitri Komareddy


Also known as: Nadigayar Thilakam


Date of Birth: December 6th, 1937


Date of death: December 26th, 1981


Living Age: 44


Place of Birth: Madras residency (now Guntur-Andhra Pradesh), British India


Place of death: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India


Trade mark: her eyes


Category: actress


Height: 5 feet 4 inches


Weight: 58 kilos


Parents: Nissankara Rao and Subadramma.


Siblings: yes


Married/ relationship: Married Gemini Ganeshan in 1954


Children: Vijaya Chamundeshwari and satish Kumar


Got popular: her stage show role Atma Vanchana


Debut film: Samsaram-1950


Top Movies: Samsaram, Pushpa valli, pelli chesi choodu, Ardhangi, Misamma, Maya Bazaar, Gundamma Katha, Appu Chesi pappu Kudu, doctor Chakravarthy,


Awards- won Kalaimamani award, which was presented by Tamilnadu state government. Actress Savitri also won Mahanati title in tollywood.


Education: pursued basic school education


Hobbies: cricket, chess


Favorites: loved traveling

Short Bio


Late actress Savitri has immense fan following in telugu film industry as she had a charming face and was seen , mostly on homely roles, which made her have immense fan following. Her acting talents and dancing talents were impeccable and with an attractive face, she dominated the Telugu and Tamil film industry, for a certain period.


Her acting in the movie ‘ Gundamma Katha’ was amazing as she was paired for late actor NTR. Then he acting in ‘Doctor Chakravarthy’ was also a hit among the audiences, who remember and relish the talents of the actress, even till today. Actor Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, till today credits actress Savitri as one of the best actresses he has ever seen.


Due to some personnel reason, actress Savitri got addicted to alcohol and this brought nerves disability in her body and hence claimed her life at a very tender age of just 44 years.

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