Name: Rekha

Original birth name: Bhanurekha Ganeshan


Also known as: actress Rekha


Date of Birth: October 10th, 1954


Age: 56


Place of Birth: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India


Trade mark: her seducing eyes


Category: actress


Height: 5 feet 5 inches


Weight: 55 kilos


Parents: born to Tamil actor Gemini ganeshan and Telugu actress Pushpavalli


Siblings: unknown


Married/ relationship: married Delhi based businessman Mukesh agarwal in 1990. But the businessman committed suicide under mysterious circumstances in the year 1991.


Children: None


Got popular: Namak haram-1973


Debut film: Swan Bhadon-1970


Top Movies: Umarao jaan, Utsav, Ghar, Muqaddar Ka sikander, Suhaag,


Awards- won 4 film fare awards, one Bengali film journalists association award, one star screen award, 2 Zee cine awards.


Education: basic education


Hobbies: singing, dancing, listening to music, social work


Favorites: loves to stay connected with the film industry.


Short Bio


Actress Rekha was born to Tamil actor Gemini ganeshan, who did not admit about his paternity, with regards to Rekha’s birth. After many years, he admitted that Rekha was his daughter, but the actress did not admit him as a father, although she used to write the name of him in her records.


Her problem was that, her father neglected her, in most of his life and accepted only when she turned to be a big star. In the same way, actress Rekha who was one of the top actresses in the film industry fell in love with Amitabh bachchan. The actor was well cordial towards Rekha, but then married Jaya bachchan. This irked Rekha and remained unmarried for many years, till 1990.


But to her dismay, she married a person in 1990 who was a businessman, but he died in mysterious circumstances in 1991. The media started to circulated reports that, rekha killed her husband. But the actress denied it and said that it was baseless and the media was hurting her love for her husband, with the reports of murdering him.


Actress rekha admitted the whole issue and also disclosed the whole on a chat show of actress Simi Gherwal.

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