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Ram Charan Teja Family Photos

Ram Charan Teja family photos are a hit on the internet as most of the fans of his, search for his photos with his family and most importantly his father Chiranjeevi. Ram Charan Teja family consists of his mother surekha and his two sisters one is Sushmita and Sreeja. Ram Charan Teja elder sister sushmita, who was at first engaged to actor Uday Kiran, got married to a guy from United States. His younger sister sreeja eloped with her boyfriend sirish bhardwaj and married him a cinematic way in the year 2007. Now after having a child from her marriage, she is living separately from her husband and is back to ram Charan Teja and is also in a mind to divorce her first husband and is planning to marry a guy, of her fathers choice however, ram Charan Teja and Chiranjeevi are sending sreeja to a foreign country for a couple of years in order to fight out with her absurd mind and when she is really ready for marriage she will get married to a suitable bridegroom. Since, Dr. Mohan Babu happens to be a good friend of Chiranjeevi, on his advice, Sreeja’s second marriage plans were built up, as Mohan babu daughter Lakshmi Prasanna was driven in the same way as she divorced her first husband and then married a second husband of her father’s choice. So, sreeja will also be given the same option by Chiranjeevi and ram Charan Teja. Actor and producer naga babu and actor Pawan Kalyan happens to be paternal uncles of ram Charan Teja and producer Allu arvind is maternal uncle to Ram Charan Teja. Actor Allu Arjun is a cousin to Ram Charan Teja.

Ram Charan Teja Family Photos Ram Charan Teja Family Photos


Ram Charan Teja Family pics Ram Charan Teja Family Photos


Ram Charan Teja Family Ram Charan Teja Family Photos


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