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Ram Charan Teja Height Weight

Ram Charan Teja height is 5 feet 9 inches and the actor has a weight of 72 kilos. Ram Charan Teja from his debut movie “Chirutha” has gained a good body shape as he has a chiseled body like hrithik Roshan and like a Greek warrior. Ram Charan Teja developed 4 packs abs for the movie “Chirutha” and then for the next movie “Magadheera” he developed a 6 pack abs which took 6 full months for the actor. In the movie “Magadheera” Ram Charan Teja was offered a valiant warrior role and so he donned a bulky look on the screen and was seen in the movie with powered packed muscles. The actor has intentions to change his hairstyle for the second half storyline of his upcoming movie “Rachcha”. But presently, the actor is thinking on his get up and is seeking advice from his father and his industry friends. Ram Charan Teja needs to don the get up of a X- Men star Hugh jackman and is still thinking on the get up. However, the get up will add him with villain looks and so Ram Charan Teja is hesitating to go for the change. 

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