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Priyamani gets success by her thigh show

Recently, at a film function, Priyamani was seen in a skirt and a white top. She crossed her legs and sat through out the film function and the shutter bugs were making merry with her pose.  

At one moment she was seen flashing her white panty which is a common exposure from her side as she has done this earlier too. It is reported that she was informed about this by her mother, but the lady is so comfortable by this flashing act that she never feels embarrassed.  

Meanwhile, close sources to her report that, Priyamani’s thigh show is a big hit among the Bollywood celebrities as she was seen doing the same while she was shooting for a Mani Ratnam film. Actor Abhishek Bachchan praised the buxom babe for having eye catching thighs.  

So, for this reason, nowadays ‘Priyamani’ is the name which is among the producers as she is ready to do anything for money.

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