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Pooja Umashanker

Pooja Umashanker


Name: Pooja Umashanker

Original birth name: Pooja Gauthami Umashanker


Also known as: Pooja, Uma


Date of Birth: June 25th, 1981


Age: 29


Place of Birth: Colombo, Srilanka


Trade mark: her eyes


Category: actress


Height: 5 feet 4 inches


Weight: 52 kilos


Parents: Father- Kanndiga named Uma Shanker and mother is Sri Lankan Sinhalese.


Siblings: no


Married/ relationship: no


Children: no


Got popular: Naan Kadavul


Debut film: Ullam Ketkumae-tamil


Top Movies: Naan kaadvul, Ullam Ketkumae


Awards- won a film fare and a Tamilnadu film award, along with a Vijay award for the movie –Naan Kadavul.


Education: studied in Mount Caramel College.


Hobbies: cricket, watching movies, chatting with friends.


Favorites: spending with family in the weekend.

Short Bio


Actress Pooja Umashanker is a Tamil actress who has acted in Sinhalese films and also in Malayalam films. The actress was seen in the serious theme oriented movie “Naan kadavul’ which was a commercial hit and a off beat film. The movie featured actress Pooja Umashanker in the role of a blind beggar and received immense number of applauses as well nominations.


Pooja uma Shanker was also seen as the judges in a realty show which was based on dance and was named as ‘Atam Paatam Kondatam’ and was aired on kalainagar TV which is a part of sun network.


Actress Pooja Uma Shanker was seen in the news in the year 2010, for getting married in the year 2010. The actress at first accepted to do so as her father was a bit interested in performing the marriage in 2010.


But later on Pooja Gandhi said that she was not getting married in the present year and will think about marriage in the next year.

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