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Pokkiri Raja release is yet in a dilemma

But later on the
release date was postponed by a week and is set to hit the screens on
May 6th 2010. 

But according to latest
there may be a further delay in the film production and so the release
date of “Pokkiri Raja” is in a dilemma. There is news that the problem
in between the producer and distributors has not solved yet and the
first talks on Sunday, failed to go for a conclusion. 

Meanwhile, producer of PR
films has filed a lawsuit against Gemini labs. The producer Tomichan
Mulakapadam has asked the Gemini labs for delaying the film prints and
has thus asked them to compensate to the distributors. The release may
get postponed to May 14th2010. 

“Pokkiri Raja” features
actor Mammootty, Prithvi Raj, Shriya saran in the lead.  


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