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Pawan Kalyan Height Weight

Pawan Kalyan is 5 feet 10 inches in height and has a slim look and weighs only 68 kilos. The actor maintains a lean body and is a die-hard fan on Hollywood action heroes and a martial arts hero kurshowa. Pawan Kalyan has wheatish complexion and has a good manly appearance with wide chest and broad shoulders with muscular looks. Actor Pawan Kalyan is said to be interested in maintaining his looks as lean in future. He practices daily 5 kilometers of running on a tread mill and also practices few more cardio exercises. He likes to keep his body fit and strong and so practices some martial art forms for one hour daily, before reporting to the shooting locations. Pawan Kalyan has displayed his martial art forms on screen in the movie “ Thamudu”. He also tried to display it, in real life, before a local mafia don, in a land dispute case of his elder brother chiranjeevi. But the henchmen of the local don, hit pawan kalyan black and blue and also tonsured his head, while making the movie “ Daddy” of his elder brother chiranjeevi.

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