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Parvathi Melton is dating an US Basket ball player

Parvathi had to be with her mother in California as her mother was ailing from a leg injury after an accident. 

Now, the big eyed babe is back in tollywood and is hoping for some big offers. According to some sources, she is going to play the lead role in a movie opposite to Junior NTR. 

Now, the latest news is that the leggy beauty (5 feet 9 inches tall) is dating a secret lover these days. It is reported that Parvathi is dating a US volley ball player who is above 6 feet and looks extremely handsome.  

Some sources report that the pretty actress met this guy in an Airport in England and is dating him from then on. But it is not yet confirmed whether this relationship is going to be an extra mileage relationship or just a time pass.  

Parvathi is presently focusing on her career as she is in a very tender age and is also concentrating on her studies in parallel to her professional life. 

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