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‘ORANGE’ is a Chiranjeevi elder daughter love story

Director Bommarillu Bhasker is directing the movie and the movie is said to have three actresses in the lead.

Actress Genelia will be playing the lead in the film and Ram Charan Teja is said to be play a character of a college going boy, who gets attracted to cinema field and enters the cinema industry with a great impact, to become a star hero. Then a well known actor comes up with a proposal that he must marry his daughter and then a lot of twists and turns take place, after which Ram Charan marries Genelia.

This is the gossip of the Telugu cinema industry as director Bommarillu Bhasker always focuses on Chiranjeevi and his family, through his movies. His last movie ‘Parugu’ was on Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Sreeja’s marriage and now the later movie is expected to be based on Chiranjeevi’s elder daughter Sushmita’s love story with actor Uday Kiran and the latter consequences, faced by actor Uday Kiran on rejecting Sushmita.

Now, the buzz is that the director will portray Sushmita’s character in a negative or positive way and the role will be played by Shehzan padmasee.

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