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Nitin Height Nitin Height Weight Nitin Weight Nitin Height WeightNitin height is 5 feet 8 inches and the actor manages to pose as a 6 foot hero by wearing a bit of high heeled shoes. Actor Nitin is young, smart and has a white complexion and is seen with a well toned body. From the movie “ Takkari” got inspiration from the Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan and worked out on attaining a 6 pack body and then attained a 8 pack body. Nitin was seen exposing a lot his pack filled abs to the movie audiences in the movie. Unnecessarily, without the demand from the situation, Nitin tried his best to show his hard earned muscular body with the packed abs and he soon gained some recognition from the fans and also from the Telugu cinema industry. However, he became the second film star in Telugu to attain abs as actor Allu Arjun did a similar stunt for his flop film “Varudu”. Actor Nitin is a good dancer and has done some tough dance steps and has won the hearts of his audiences to a large extent.

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