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Nayantara Dhanush love affair

The reason from her side is said to be due to her busy schedule outside Chennai. But according to sources it is reported that she was very close to the venue of Guindy, but was not in a mood to attend due to two reasons.  

The first is said that she was not formally invited to the audio release function. The second and the cementing reason is that as the rumors of Dhanush seeing her are getting factual day by day, she thought to stay away from Rajinkanth.  

Well the first reason is not yet confirmed, but the second reason is said to be true as on Sunday Rajinikanth called Nayan to enquire about the news of her love affair with his son in Law Dhanush. Aishwarya Dhanush is also aid ton be miffed up with Nayan and so Nayan did not get a formal invitation from P. Vasu.

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