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Nagarjuna Kedi storyline

Coming to the storyline, Nagarjuna
will be playing the role of ‘Ramesh’ in the movie “Kedi”. ‘Ramesh’
is a character, who grows up with lot of difficulties and time + circumstances,
makes him take on the root of a conman. It is a bit negative character,
with a positive shade in the end. Nag, will be seen in the role of a
conman, looting the rich and helping the poor. The character of ‘Ramesh’
is similarly scoped with the lead characters of Hollywood films such
as “Catch Me if you can” and Oceans eleven” which were super hit
English movies. 

Director Kiran Kumar, who was
a story writer for serials on small screen, has directed this film and
Mamta Mohan Das will be seen as the female lead. An Indian looking Blonde
character is played by actress Linda who is a foreign mall, who was
seen in the Hindi film “Kabul Express”. 

The entire movie is shot in
Goa, as the script demands such location and only few scenes are shot
in Guntur, Hyderabad and in Greece.

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