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Marrying an actress may cause future troubles

Simran has married her long time friend Deepak who is a naval officer. Ramya Krishna has married ace director Krishna Vamsi and Bhumika has married a yoga Guru Bharath Thakur who is about to become an hero Kalyani of  Kabaddi Kabaddi Fame has married another Tamil director Surya Kiran who directed telugu movie Sathyam. 

But according to some experienced heroes and directors thee marriages may not last long as they are threatened with the work of actresses who continue to work after marriage. Being friendly with directors, producers and actors can cause problems in their marriage lives. This was witnessed in the case of actress Malavika and Ramya Krishna. The reasons were different, but the cause was the same and that was actresses working after marriage which caused some obstacle in the relationship with their husbands. Moreover, maintaining them will also be a trouble like in case of Actor Sumanth who is living separately from his wife actress Keerthi Reddy. Keerthi reddy who is well known as a female lead in the movie Tholi Prema demanded a hell of a money for a business from Sumanth and this lead to a split up. 

But the whole depends on the understanding of the male and female irrespective of their profession and if this is well assumed then there will be no problems in the future.

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