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Mallu beauty poses as a threat to Shriya and Trisha

Recently, it was heard that Shriya spoke some ill words about Nayan and said that she was a senior to Nayantara in the film industry. This made the mallu beauty furious and has challenged Shriya to enter Malayalam film industry without her consent.  

Nayan also revealed that she has acted with all the stalwarts of Malluwood and Kollywood and Shriya is just a budding star who has just acted with few South Indian film stalwarts and has a long way to go. 

Previously it was rumored that Trisha denies the Malayalam film offers due to a threat from Nayantara as it is her home ground. But now, Shriya has joined Trisha and Nayan on the sets of her next film has openly challenged the two beauties to enter malluwood and with out her consent. 

Does the hot and sizzling Nayantara has that much hold on the Malayalam film industry? Who knows? Everything is possible if a women desire!

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