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Mahesh Babu Family photos

Mahesh Babu Family photos are most searched on the internet and here are some photos and details about his family. Mahesh Babu is second son of actor Krishna, who was born to Krishna and his first wife Indira. Mahesh babu’s elder brother is Ramesh Babu and his elder’s sisters are Padmavathi and Manjula. He has a younger sister named Priyadarshini and has a step brother named Naresh, who was born to his step mother Vijaya Nirmala and her first husband Srinivas ( name changed as the person choose to remain off stream). If sources are to be believed, Mahesh Babu was never in happy with his father’s second marriage and he and his siblings choose to stay away from their father for few years. Although superstar Krishna funded for their education and livelihood, Mahesh Babu never respected his father, due to his second marriage. Before the cameras, Mahesh shows courtesy towards his step mom Vijaya nirmala, but behind the scenes, he had never spoken to her on personnel basis and never wishes her on his father’s marriage anniversary with her.

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