Name: Kanakam

Original birth name: T. Kanakam


Also known as: actress Kanakam


Date of Birth: January 16th, 1927


Age: 83


Place of Birth: Kharagpur, India


Trade mark: her acting


Category: actress and singer


Height: 5 feet 4 inches


Weight: 52 kilos




Siblings: yes


Married/ relationship:




Got popular: she sung folk songs from her childhood


Debut film: Gruhapravesham-1946


Top Movies: Gunasundari Katha, Keelu Gurram, letha manasulu


Awards- won Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao Theatre Art award in 2004


Education: discontinued from 4th class school education


Hobbies: singing,


Favorites: loves to cook

Short Bio


Actress Kanakam is a well known actress of the Telugu cinema industry. She was a singer in the years 1940-1960’s and then was seen as an actress and character artists in some big bannered top films. Actress Kanakam used to sing folk songs on all Indian radio, since her childhood. The actress impressed some stage artist’s producers and was featured in stage shows such as Chintamani, Srirama. She was well encouraged by the Telugu cinema producers and so attained stardom.


Actress Kanakam was fond of singing and so she was seen in the films such as “Cheyi Cheyi Kalupukora’ which was from Raksharekha and Bhale Dongalu in the movie ‘Shavukaru’.


Her performance in the films such as Gunasundari katha, Keelu Guram and Patala Bhairavi are excellent.

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