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Hansika reveals her BILLA role

It was reported recently that the pretty babe is fumed up on the sets of Masaka with Ram’s over acting who is trying hard to capture the attention of the 18 year old babe. 

To enquire more on this, our correspondent left to the location of Masaka and there he cornered the gorgeous beauty with some hippy questions. At first, Hansika spoke about her career and said that she has a long way to go still and has achieved only little till date. Moreover, she desires to act with the 4 stalwarts (Chiru, Nag, Balaya & Venkatesh) of tollywood which she says is not at possible due to her age difference. 

Then later on she added that she wants to act with Pawan Kalyan in his next film and hopes that she is under consideration from now on. Speaking about her movie BILLA with Prabhas, Hansika revealed that she is not doing an item song in Billa and instead has a cameo role specially tailored for her in the film. She added that a cameo role with a Peggy twist was offered for her and she grabbed it immediately.  

When questioned about the latest incident which happened on the sets of Masaka, Hansika reported that she doesn’t want to comment on the issue and wants to forget it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the unit members report that Ram was overacting with the heroine on and off screen and this lead the pretty babe angry and was in a mood to slap Ram.

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