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Genelia Height Weight

Genelia height is 5 feet 4 inches strictly and she has weight of 56 kilos, which is pretty good to her height. Actress Genelia wears heels of almost 4-6 inches, in order to suit to the height of her co-stars in her films. Actress Genelia has an athletic body from her childhood and is an active participant in all kinds of outdoor sports. So, she has a slim body which enables her to wear Indian as well as western traditional wear. Genelia has a fair complexion and has rosy lips, which made her a model at the age of just 15 years. Actress Genelia has petite curves and well develops figure, which makes her look like a young college girl. So, according to her personality, she is offered roles of a bubbly young girl in all her films.

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genelia weight 201x300 Genelia Height WeightGenelia height is 5.5 225x300 Genelia Height Weightgenelia 214x300 Genelia Height Weight


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