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Farzana rubbishes her pregnancy rumor

The actress revealed that unnecessarily her name was being dragged into the media. Previously, it was about the love affair which didn’t exist and now about her pregnancy rumor.  

A few days ago some media websites and channels coughed up the news that Farzana aborted her child and was bed ridden for few days. This news slowly reached Farzana, but she was waiting for the right opportunity. Freshly, on a photo shoot session, she gave a brief interview and said that she was a normal Indian girl born and brought up with utmost ethics and being an actress doesn’t mean that she is an ill character woman. 

But, the bubbly babe failed to reply to the question which was pertaining to her brief stay at a nursing home. She gave a sloth answer that it was due to her personnel reason and it was none of the media’s business. 

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