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Director Puri Jagannath has become a pauper

This flop not only made the director a
pauper as he did not accept a single penny as remuneration, but also
made the producer of this movie DVV Danaya face bankruptcy. DVV Danaya
is producing the movie “Varudu” which features Allu Arjun in lead
and so producer Allu Arvind is supporting him a bit from the huge losses. 

According to a news channel
‘ABN –Andhrajyothi’ Puri has taken a loan of Rs 5 cr on his house
and if his next film “Golimaar” becomes a flop, then he will be
on roads for sure. According to close sources, the director experimented
with many businesses after the success of ‘Pokiri’ and this includes
a music company and few film investments which were super flops. 

DVV Danaya invested in the
movie “Neninthe” on Puri’s force and incurred huge losses. It
is said that Puri Jagannath has promised Danaya to pay for the losses
within one year and so his hope in on his next film “Golimaar” remuneration.
Puri Jagannath charges Rs 4- 5 cr for each movie and is said to clear
off all his debts if in case this movie turns in a blockbuster. 

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