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Builder Raheja misbehaves with Salman Khan Sister

For this reason, Sohail Khan accompanied his sister and sister in law to Olive Bar and Pub which is a prominent hangout zone for high profile celebrities. According to onlookers in olive bar, Builder raheja and his friends started to misbehave with Arpita in a rude way and one of the men dropped his drink on Arpita’s dress. It is coded that the builder rajeha was in an intoxicated condition and spoke rubbish about Arpita and her body structure.

This made actor Sohail Khan enters the scene and he had a small brawl with the builder and his friends. Later on, with the intervention of the management, Rajeha was asked to leave the bar with his friends. On known this issue, Salman Khan is said to have got furious and has asked his brother about the whole report of the incident.

There is news that Salman Khan has asked the police officials to look into the matter.

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