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Balakrishna Height Weight

Balakrishna height is 5 feet 8 inches and the actor wears high booted shoes in order to get to the height of approximately 5 feet 10 inches. Actor Balakrishna used to be just 60 kilos, when he was in the year 80’s. But as age grew to him, he started to put on weight as he left out doing Indian exercises and started to lead a more lavish lifestyle as he started to consumer more alcohol after his father’s death and threw his diet in an awry state. Balakrishna is a fair complexioned man and had good facial features, however, due to hereditary problems; he lost his hair at a very young age of 40 ears and is now going through 4th grade baldness on his head. Balakrishna went for a hair weaving treatment in 2005, but the doctors of London confirmed to him, that hi  stage of baldness, cannot be treated with a hair weaving treatment. So, he always dons a wig in his films and appeases naturally during his public appearances. From the year 2009, he is seen more at public appearances minus his wig as he has an opinion that baldness is a universal problem now and it is ridiculous to hide it from his fans.

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