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Asin becomes brand ambassador of IPL Kochi team

She is officially an
ambassador of the newly formed
Kochi IPL team and will be publicizing in it the IPL 4 season, which
is in the year 2011. 

There is news that Asin has
bagged this contract for a fat amount of Rs 1 crore and met the owners
of Kochi IPL team to sign the deal. Shashi Tarror, minister of statement
for Indian external affairs, Venugopal and Shailendrar Gaekwad are the
proud owners of the Kochi team.  

There is news that since, Asin
is a well known face in India, she has bagged this offer, with no much
competition. The year 2010 seems to be lucky, as she has bagged two
Tamil film projects and an IPL Kochi team’s ambassador place.

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