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Allu Arjun operation gives jitters to his wife

allu arjun operation thumb Allu Arjun operation gives jitters to his wifeAllu Arjun operation is said to be giving jitters to his wife Sneha reddy. It is a known fact that, actor Allu Arjun is facing severe shoulder pain, due to a slip disc on his shoulder. He gained this shoulder pain, while practicing for a stunt for his recently released and flop movie ‘Badrinath’. In order to get rid of this pain, Allu Arjun is said to undergo an operation in Perth, Australia. He is flying to the said place, to get his shoulder operated. If the operation goes successful, then he can get rid of the pain.

But if it goes negative, then it can affect his chest and the pain on his shoulder will aggravate. Allu Arjun wife is said to be very much tensed on the operation process and is praying to god, to make her bunny a complete healthy man.

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