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All no market heroes have to commit suicide

Actor Raja’s attempt to suicide has turned up a new agitation in the Telugu film industry. But this may also back fire the intentions of the small heroes.

As soon as actor Raja played a suicide drama and issued a media statement, that injustice is prevailing in Tollywood, reactions started to emerge from bada producers.

It is reported that bada producers like Allu Arvind, Dil Raju, MS Raju, Ashwini Dutt, Rama Naidu and D. Suresh Babu are said to be very serious over this issue. Actor Raja has clearly mentioned in his statement that big producers like, allu arvind and Dil Raju have to stop their present deed, of forcibly running their movies in the theatres. He wanted a clean environment in the film industry.

According to actor Raja, many big producers own numerous theatres in Andhra Pradesh and so, their, movies run successfully, only in those theatres, despite no watching audiences. He also meant sarcastically that all those movies which do not have the potential to run even for 10 days, are being pumped to run 50-75 and some to 100 days.

Hearing all these statements, the bada producers and also many big stars like Nagarjuna and Pawan Kalyan have taken a decision to isolate Raja from the film industry. Reacting to this issue of actor Raja, producer MS Raju has disclosed that all those heroes who have no market in the film industry, must go for suicide, if incase they think it is correct. But he also added that, they have no right to allege others in this issue. Furthermore, MS Raju added that if the movies are good, automatically, distributors will come forward to purchase them.

Factually speaking, movies which have good storyline, excellent music run successfully even with new faces. Idiotic stories, with no meaning, experimental reels, glamour dependant won’t and will never run, despite having big stars in the lead. Nowadays, movie watching audiences have become intelligent and sensible and they want quality, rather than quantity from big stars.

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