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Actress Suhani in drug scandal

to sources, one of the close friends of actress Suhani has been caught
by a special task force on Monday last week and after the preliminary
interrogation, the young girl pronounced the name of actress Suhani. 

Cops are presently buys
for proofs against Suhani and if in case the matter gets serious,
suhani will be taken into custody on coming Tuesday. 

It is a fact that after getting
into films, Suhani is now a spoilt brat and she consumes liquor and
smokes lightly charred hookah in the late night pubs her parents learnt
about her habits lately and have warned her about them.  

With the latest drug scandal
case maneuvering on Suhani’s head, her father is pretty sure that
his daring daughter is innocent and is unnecessarily being dragged.
The matter was disclosed to the media on Thursday night and after
is being published now.

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