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Actress meena divorce news

According to sources, the
actress is not in a position to adjust with her husband and her mother
in law and so is thinking for a split soon. 

According to close sources,
Meena wants to continue her acting career and so has a hand full of
projects in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil in coming future. But her mother
in law and her husband want her to concentrate on the family leaving
movie life.  

For this reason, Meena has
left the house of her husband and is living separately from the past
3 months. Moreover, it is also reported that, Meena also cancelled her
Honeymoon Trip with Vidya Sagar, in the month of December for the sake
of a film shooting. This issue got intensified and raised the blood
pressure of her husband who slapped her on her face.  

For this reason, Meena asked
her elders to intervene in the issue. But thinking wisely, they did
not turn up, as they feel that Meena is making a big mistake by
her marriage life. Now, this issue has intensified and so Meena wants
a divorce from her husband at any cost. 

Hope, she comes out of this
trouble in a wise way and settles this issue amicably without any

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